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10 May 1988
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He is a tall young man, arms piled high with fantasy books usually running around saying phrases like "I'm late arrrggh" or sometimes " HELP ME! Kermit is chasing me on the back of a pink elephant!". DISCLAIMER: He often misses out the kermit part, you'd be surprised how many people won't get involved upon hearing about kermit and his pink elephant of doom.
He is often not found anywhere near a computer unless armed with a rather large stick. he's rarely found around big sticks unless he is being chased by computers. Or Kermit.
He is a bright and generally well-disposed person with irrational technophobia. He usually wears jeans and some other unfashionable piece of clothing (often a checked shirt) and occasionally stuns people at ten feet with his aura of geekiness. (Geeks are NOT (always) losers).