Ex virgin oil - at your local Co-Op, TODAY!

Ok, that came from work tonight (er... life update - I now have a job at a local Co-Op), where I snerked at a sign we had to put up, saying that. When actually checking out the product, it was called "Extra virgin oil", which I'm guessing is juices freshly squeezed from virgins who have never seen a boy or something.

Ok, so a quick wee update - Andy and I broke up (he emailed and said he wasn't into the relationship any more),
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Alright, honesty time. On this post, you can ask me anonymouse or not, ANY question, and I will answer them as honestly as I can. (obviously I can't tell you a secret that isn't mine to tell, for example, so I will not say that).

So, go on, something stupidly simple that you'd like to know? Any huge secrets you'd like to find out? Want to just post and say something? Go for it!

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OK, to avoid uberpicspammage for anyone not interested in my photos of Wales, Cardiff, John Barrowman, me, galacticconman, Doctor Who props and stuff, or anything else, you don't HAVE to click on the link. But go on, please? *hopefulsmiles* I look pretty bad in my photos, but *shrug* it was a holidaym, what can you expect?

Just one spammage, even if you don't look at the rest. Me (the guy on the left) and galacticconman on the left, with JOHN FRICKIN' BARROWMAN. *SQUEE*

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And THAT was the picspam of my holiday!